97 Little Green Bus Timetable

Published: 01 December 2021

Good news is that our little green bus which has been supported since 2018 by the Parish Councils of Alderholt, Cranborne & Edmondsham and Knowlton is safe for a further year.

This is mainly due to a consistent level of regular usage supporting the service even during the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, in endeavouring to keep costs down, the timetable has been amended to remove replication of other services.

This means that as from 1st January 2022, the Verwood to Ringwood part of the route on a Wednesday will no longer be provided.  The revised timetable is attached.

Alternatives for reaching Ringwood are the regular X3 service (from Fordingbridge) and the X6 service (from Verwood).  The 97 bus timetable links with these services.

To meet the increased fuel and employment costs, the Parish Councils have agreed that as from 1st January 2022, Dorset Community Transport can introduce its revised flat-rate adult single fare of £3.00. This is in-line with DCT’s other services across the county.

Please note that this increase will not affect those who use their concessionary passes on the 97 Bus and that the child’s fares remain unchanged (under 19yrs £1.00/under 7 years and accompanied no charge).

Please also note, that provided it is a safe location to stop, the driver is happy to pick up along the route.

97 Bus Timetable 1st January 2022