Knowlton Future Needs Survey.

Welcome to the Knowlton Parish Council Future Needs Survey page

All communities should have a good idea about what their needs will be in the future, particularly the need for suitable and affordable accommodation.  Our needs for housing change as we go through life, and it is often not easy to find a solution to the problem.  Young people are finding it difficult to get housing at a price they can afford and older people sometimes need to move from a place they have lived in for many years because their way of life makes it no longer suitable.  In rural areas, we find it particularly difficult to maintain family connections and the sense of community can be damaged as a result.

East Dorset District Council is reviewing its long-term plans, currently for up to 2028.  This survey gives residents of the 4 parishes of Knowlton – Chalbury, Horton Woodlands and Wimborne St Giles – an opportunity to participate in the review.  This is your chance to help get your future needs considered as a part of it.  The opportunity is extended to those who have moved away from here and would like to return.

The survey is in 2 parts: the first part tells us what your situation is now; the second is aimed at those who think they may have a different need in the future.  Perhaps you saw similar questions in the 2011 National Census.

Some of the questions are a bit searching, and you might be concerned about your personal information being compromised.  The only people who will see the completed forms will be experts in EDDC, who will analyse the information and produce a report.   We take protection of your data very seriously.

The closing date is for receiving responses is 20th October 2017.  This should give you time to discuss the issues with your family and with others. The form is attached.  If you haven’t received a postage-paid envelope already with a delivered set of forms, then I’m afraid you will have to post your response to the following address:

     East Dorset District Council,
     PO Box 9148
     BH23 9JQ

If you have any difficulties, please contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Goodwin, on 01258 840935 or by email to